Recruitment in Minda Silva Company In Greater Noida

Recruitment in "MINDA SILCA" Company

Work Location (Factory) -: Surajpur, Greater Noida 

Dear Candidate, you are informed that the date "FRIDAY, 30 APRIL 2021" is for "MINDA SILCA" Company,  The information is given below. 



Salary: -10,242 / 

CANTEEN or BUS = Available

This is also completely free, so do not pay any fee of any kind to any person.  , HSC MANPOWER does not transact any kind of rupees. 

Any person, if caught in any such activity, will have legal action on him. Best wishes for interview 

Interview Date = FRIDAY, 30 APRIL 2021  Time: -10AM - 12PM 

Interview Address-: PLOT NO: -37, TOY CITY, GREATER.

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